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Guest Summary: Cassie McGettigan from Gravel & Gold

synonym summaries are semi-regular round-ups of what we’re interested in. See more posts like this here. This post was published as part of an ongoing collaboration with Alldayeveryday. 

If you don’t know Cassie McGettigan, or Gravel & Gold, the San Francisco-based design collective and shop she co-founded in 2008, you certainly know the boob pillow, a design she made for the brand that’s gained a cultish following. For the past few years, Gravel & Gold has produced a line of locally-made clothing, accessories, and home goods featuring their handmade prints, for which Cassie is the primary print designer. Here, she tells us about what she likes right now.

grid-8b3106ac6322b9f8c1f89eea64a445c7 (1)

1.Monochromatic Wardrobes

I’m into variations of just one color worn head to toe, including mechanical extensions, such as a cell phone or an automobile. Otherwise known as “Color Monks” exercising a “Signature Color.” Black doesn’t count but white is a go. As a big league clashing pattern enthusiast, I can’t imagine going there myself, but I admire this approach to dressing for its unbeatable ease: impact ratio.

I met Judy when we were both shopping for shelving materials at our local Discount Builder. Even her lip color was yellow, were you to allow a liberal definition of the color so that a human skin tone might be flattered. Such proliferation seemed to indicate that Judy is always an all-yellow gal, but I found out that she actually has eight one-color outfits that she selects from each morning, reflecting her mood: pink, green, sage, blue, orchid, periwinkle, white, and this, the yellow.


2. Onsen Tomago

I used think I had boiled eggs down pat, but when I went to Japan last year I found out that I actually had no idea how to make them. Now I do and here’s how:

1. Get to a place where water is coming out of the earth at about 70°C (158ºF).
2. Put some eggs in basket.
3. Invite your eggs in their basket to join you in the hot spring for a 30-40 minute soak.
4. Exit.
5. Crack open and serve with seasoned bonito dashi at breakfast time or a light sauce of mirin, dashi, soy sauce, and chopped spring onions later in the day. The egg will have poached within its shell. The yolk will be firm yet custardy. Delicious!

(Also works OK if you use a cooking thermometer to help maintain a steady 70°C (158ºF) temperature on a regular indoor stove while you poach your eggs in a regular pot for 30-40 minutes).


3. River Swimming

And drying on a rock after.


4. Kiwi Sandals

Lee Risler and his family have been making these excellent river rat sport sandals by hand since 1963, even after Lee lost his left arm below the elbow in a LA freeway horror story. To get a pair, you send a tracing of your feet and a check to Lee’s PO Box in Lucerne Valley, CA. I go in for the #71, $79 plus CA tax, plus shipping. A couple of weeks later, the sandals appear in your mailbox: [they are] durable and insanely comfortable, with a squishy Vibram sole and classy all-leather upper parts. I already have my Kiwis foot tan in place this year.


5. Oum Kalthoum

AKA Oum Kalthoum, Om Kalsoum, Om Koulsum, Om Kalthoum, Oumme Kalsoum, Umm Kolthoum, Om Koultoum, Ummi Kultsum, Ummi Kaltsum, Umi Kulsum, Umi Kalsum. Specifically, I’m into watching the videos of her very long performances on YouTube while I’m painting. I think this is my favorite. Any one of those shade-wearing orchestra guys could be the boss, and then she stands to sing with that long silken hankie and—boom—what a boss!

summary: june 18, 2014

summaries are semi-regular round-ups about what we’re interested in. more posts like this are here.

this week, channeling black and white.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 12.55.17 PM

1. Belgian actress Els Dottermans
Casual studio muse



2. Zoe Ghertner’s elevated still life.
no words, just: THE BEST.

3. Square in Square
This series of “composite exteriors” from artist Oliver Michaels creates pleasing symmetry through select architectural angles.

4. Architectural Pottery
A primer on Max Lawrence, 1950s modernism in Los Angeles, and the iconic design that came from it: worth investigating.

5.  Just a pile of soft things. Always timely! Photo via my favorite tumblr, gotasalvieto.

Summary May 16, 2014

A semi-regular roundup of what we’re interested in.


1. The Sunrise Cabinet from Waka Waka: Baltic Birch plywood with a white laminate top

2. Becoming deeply—deeply!—buried in a KENZO obsession. This Vogue timeline is worth a read.

lee-at-big-sur-folk-festival-1969-copy3. Channeling easy summer: a Google search for girls at the 1969 Big Sur Festival


4. Henri Matisse’s cut-outs, at MOMA this fall. 

5. Domaine de fontsainte gris de gris. Because let’s really get summer started.

summary: 04/23/2014


A semi-regular round-up of what we’re into. More posts like this here.

This time, thinking about CIRCLES:

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1. group circles.
—here, the living theatre, singing in a multi-tune unison the mantra “m” for peace, via.

img-holdingelevateponytail_180410964709.jpg_gallery_max2. the elevated ponytail (as a concept)
—here, jason wu spring 2014, via vogue

Grain_Grail13. a cassoulet, with design cues taken from ceremonial etchings
via grain.


4. semi-circle rug
by anntian, via beklina


5. Irene Bayer, Macaroni, 1928



Summary: 04/09/14


1. karsten bott
photo 4

feeling drawn toward grids—ie, artist karsten bott’s longtime cataloguing project , where he documented one million products with a single image, thus assigning every object equal value.


2. nashville
i am obsessed with this show. it’s SO bad.

3. google similar images
Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 3.47.52 PM



4. kim gordon’s proposals



5. spring rolls
elizabeth street






these, from elizabeth street cafe,
with ginger-marinated grilled tofu, breakfast radish, Thai basil, serrano.

Summary: March 2, 2014


A semi-regular roundup of things we’re interested in. See more posts like this here


WjaYk7bmREOt-dGzo15-cALuxury bedding.
To quote a friend, I feel like the sign of having really “made it” is sleeping in a bed with really really good sheets. Spending a lot of time on the MATTEO Home website.


Screen shot 2014-03-02 at 9.25.38 AM
…this really really weird House of Cards tweet from car2go

3. frida


This book by John Pawson.
A necessity.


french steak knives
A very fancy set of French steak knives.
Fits with the luxury bedding (see above).

summary 2/17


Semi-regular posts about what we’re interested in right now. See more of these posts here.


1. miso on toast
miso is such an underrated condiment. formerly banished to the refrigerator shelf where old pickle relish and rejected jam goes to die, in a pitifully dire recent snack situation i spread some creamy white miso onto a piece of toast. salty, nutty, and the perfect spreadable consistency. do it!


2. rodin ‘olio lusso’ oil
as with most things, in the beginning it was all about the packaging. rodin’s classic bottle (inspired by lettering on an old postcard found by the line’s creator linda rodin) looks good on a shelf and smells—in the best possible way, i promise—like aging flowers. i’m reminded of jennifer lawrence’s american hustle character and her obsession with a perfume that smells like rot. this is the same thing.


3. the work of gianni caravaggio
the italian-born, german-raised artist creates work that is wholly challenging and unrestricted. i can’t stop looking at this gallery from kaufman repetto.

Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 12.53.34 PM
4. this video by renee rhodes
from the artist’s statementAs every last landscape and relation is mapped, measured and archived, through technologies of ever increasing distance, I see that moving makes a map and a memory. 

Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 11.33.52 AM

5. fresca pie at bufalina in austin, tx

i just really enjoy pizza, okay? i am convinced this is the best one you will find in the city where i live. go early and snag a corner table. ingredients are: prosciutto piccante, arugula, meyer lemon, mozzarella, olive  oil, parm

photos: one, two, three, four, five