Like / Dislike: Chantal Anderson

chantal anderson


Likes/Dislikes asks interesting individuals to create two lists: one of their likes, one of dislikes. The feature is based on two things: an excerpt from Susan Sontag’s As Consciousness Is Harnessed to Flesh: Journals and Notebooks, 1964-1980 and another from Roland Barthes’ autobiography (trans. Richard Howard, 1977). The exercise, while gratuitous, is rooted in ideas of pattern, construction, specificity, and memory.

Chantal Anderson is an editorial and lifestyle photographer living in Los Angeles. She is inspired by youth culture, human interaction, and interactions with light.

grid-720a7a92a5670132fa506077f674e2f9An image of something Chantal likes: light bathing


Floating in the ocean, neighborhood walks at sunset, fuji 400h film, climbing trees, grilled avocados, big sur moonlight swims, geometric shadows, playground sports, mulled wine, rhubarb jam, cold concrete on hot days, patchouli soap, sun hats, making cocoons, spoonerisms, unpretentious yogis, sore legs after a long hike, a successful trip to the library, cinnamon incense, indian summers, southern hospitality, dancing (eyes closed), drinking red wine on rooftops, lemon trees, winter lentil soup, rocking chairs, my grandmother’s russian teacake cookies, road trips, seeing familiar places with fresh eyes, fearlessness, campfire stories, dance-offs, puppy cuddles,curiosity, meteorite showers, hot springs.

grid-abf4521967591530cd8c653810e7b106An image of something Chantal dislikes: Oversleeping


The smell of car leather, hitting your funny bone, cynicism, hair extensions, stale tortilla chips, indecision, constant cloud cover, making decisions, the space in between toes, grumps, stale air, removing bandaids, lactose intolerance, eyebrow rings, sound pollution, the middle seat of the car. 


Some images of Chantal’s work:

chantal anderson - grid-9969e0e87a692c79e56836ec618c8734 grid-a72b4abac0e4543851ea4a7fc14a9695

See more from Chantal here, and on her Tumblr.

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