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marcelo gomes

Likes/Dislikes asks interesting individuals to create two lists: one of their likes, one of dislikes. The feature is based on two things: an excerpt from Susan Sontag’s As Consciousness Is Harnessed to Flesh: Journals and Notebooks, 1964-1980 and another from Roland Barthes’ autobiography (trans. Richard Howard, 1977). The exercise, while gratuitous, is rooted in ideas of pattern, construction, specificity, and memory.

Marcelo Gomes is a Brazil-born photographer who lives in New York City. His work has been featured in two publications, Love and Before, Green and After(2008) and Taciturn Heart (2010), as well as in T MagazineNew York MagazineHarper’s Bazaar,Dazed and ConfusedDoubleIndex, and Teen Vogue, among others. He is currently working on two books which will be released later this year.



This is a book Marcelo likes: “In Praise of Shadows”, Jun’ichirō Tanizaki


— Work
— Japan
— What I’ve come to think of as the smell of rain.
— Vacation in Rio (or somewhere with a beautiful urban beach — Caribbean-like water but in the middle of the city, very accessible, that’s why I keep saying Rio, never been to Australia, and Miami is an okay three-hour solution)
— Thinking I’m growing up as a person (mature and self-aware) and as an artist (free of constraints, and objective)
— Eating a beautiful meal and not craving sugar right after it
— Sweet potatoes
— Most beach-related clichés (sun, sunsets, swimming in the ocean, sand, salt, grilled fish, coconut water, girls in swimsuits, girls in navy one-piece swimsuits like the one in ‘Pauline à la Plage,’ girls’ bums…)
— Color-aid
— The scene where Denis Lavant dries Juliette Binoche’s hair with a towel in ‘Les Amants du Pont Neuf’
— Mariana (my wife) in Japan
— Brian Eno lectures/interviews
— Brutalist Architecture
— Real, beautiful buildings


grid-87fb79627d9390ce6f89c58f78382ec6This is an ad Marcelo dislikes: Balenciaga


— Going to restaurants on a Saturday night
— Realizing I should already be more evolved as a person (self-centered) and as an artist (not as productive as I would like to be)
— Most synthetic fabrics
— Waking up late on a Monday morning
— Snow (don’t care for it, never did)
— Below zero temperatures
— The article posted today on the New Yorker web site about ‘True  Detective’ being too ‘macho.’
— Thinking about how long it’s still going to take for really conservative thinking to die out.

More work:

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