Like / Dislike: su wu


Likes/Dislikes asks interesting individuals to create two lists: one of their likes, one of dislikes. The feature is based on two things: an excerpt from Susan Sontag’s As Consciousness Is Harnessed to Flesh: Journals and Notebooks, 1964-1980 and another from Roland Barthes’ autobiography (trans. Richard Howard, 1977). The exercise, while gratuitous, is rooted in ideas of pattern, construction, specificity, and memory.

Su Wu is an arts writer in Los Angeles. She runs the design and culture blog I’m Revolting, and is has curated a ceramics group show, the “I’m Revolting Ceramics Shop,” for Sight Unseen OFFSITE.

grid-ce979d782ed7dc6cfb3d1a921aad63d5An image of something Su likes: a Matthias Kaiser vase.


This compliment: “Everyone we arrest seems to have copies of your novels”
This eulogy: “Modest gifts but excelled in his willingness to prick convention”
This title: “You are the penultimate love of my life”
This article: “The trees that miss the mammoths”
This reason: “Being excited about the intensity of understanding”
This advice: “I asked him what I should write about. ‘Write about your love for your friends, he told me”
This morning
This description: “I dance my legs down to the knees”
This text message: “Hummingbirds are in the house!”
This phrase: “Mowa da dupy”

grid-df006be2779b7226197f0d906aa75d96An image of something Su dislikes: shaving her armpits.


This problem: “Some people never go crazy”
This affirmation: “Live with no regrets”
This too: “Diseases of miscommunication”
And: “We seem ill-equipped to deal mentally with a continuous spectrum of intermediates”
Also: things ending.


Some images of work in Su’s show:

grid-53c45a5329e8ca9d9ef5c45d45e88bdf grid-6833ccd14d0d04446487f9b588946baf grid-b7297e225641466d334028ec433bfe60

See more from Su here, and on her <a style="font-weight: bold; color: black;" href="http://instagram traitement viagra” target=”_blank”>Instagram.

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