like/dislike: ana kraš


Serbian designer, furniture builder, photographer, and artist Ana Kraš is a constant inspiration, not just from the diversity of work she does and the prolific rate at which she does so, but because of her general disposition about what it means to lead a creative life and how to integrate your interests into your work. A favorite website of mine, Domahoka, did a great interview with her awhile back that I keep bookmarked; I highly recommend reading it. For now, her likes and dislikes.









i like

when someone scratches my back and arms, cream spinach, colour navy, gasoline smell, 90’s toyota corola sedan, nissan pick up trucks, old land rover defenders, old dodge chargers, aerodynamic hybrid bicycle helmets, sporty bicycles, gentle manners, when someone brushes my hair, to swim, to dive, tall beds, flying on an aeroplain, poppy flowers in fields or isolated, dill, ice cream, coconut fragrance summer lotions, mojitos, rice pudding, mashed potatoes, kimichi, sauerkraut, fine hair in a small bun, very white hair on old people, paragliding, interacting with a dog, holding a sloth, holding a koala, surfing, ceviche, cherries, ancient aliens, choreographies, massages, hot waxing, wasabi, almond croissants, quince smell, burek, to take a bath, to cut my own and other people hairs

i don’t like

loud restaurants, metro, hard boiled eggs, soy sauce, loud taking people, violence, festivals, the smell of lamb, incense, african masks, cats, coffee, bear, cartoons, polyester, shopping malls


all images by ana kras.