like/dislike: christie young

LDchristieScreen shot 2013-09-22 at 2.50.18 PM

timelines, train sounds, narratives, trails, wet hair, drying off in the sun, outdoor baths, nectarines,  cold mornings in the desert, oversized blankets, turkish coffee, 555s, nancy comics, jim franklin’s armadillos, india ink, the sound of fire, soap smell on strangers, tents, porches, pegboards, sally cruikshank, getting off a plane to different weather than from where you came, pumpkin seeds, matzo, bad jokes, big waves, bristol, poetry prix viagra ou.

barstools, baby talk, audible clocks, wet eyebrows, when someone else’s hair touches me, furbies, specialty light bulbs, mayonnaise, excessive air conditioning, peach fuzz, gum, the zoo, alarms, litter, bras, hairbrushes, umbrellas, slurping, rocky road, e-readers, addictions, traveling to the airport, half-dry laundry, drumming fingers, citrus, insincerity.

Christie Young is a visual artist focused in illustration. Born in Texas and currently living in New York, she divides her time between working on an etiquette book for the modern woman (Random House, 2014) and drawing semi-adult comics for the modern anyone.

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