like/dislike: claire cottrell



Like: popsicles, ginger, white furniture, peppermint tea, a sense of humor, Bob Dylan, comfortable minimalism, circles, saunas, clotheslines, linen, fresh flowers, free fruit, New American cuisine, Bruno Munari, holding hands, night swimming, tiny things, French tarragon, French cakes, French women who sunbathe in parks, skylines at night, bathtubs in hotels, getting there, gentlemen, the dry desert air, Asian desserts, proper etiquette, Maira Kalman, Maya Lin, John Pawson’s cookbook, juice, Paris, parlor games

Dislike: fake flowers, zucchini, standing water, the color purple, winter slush, selfishness, squid ink pasta, entitlement, waiting in line, the end of a good book, curdled milk, the pink liquid soap in public restrooms, Times Square, wet socks, war, cold showers, white food, turtlenecks, the end of an era, endings in general, airplanes, running out of toilet paper, people who don’t read books, ants, heartbreak, the dark



Like: postcards from museum gift shops, the water’s edge, flowering sage, skipping stones, the radio, Ziploc® snack bags, roasted chestnuts, Judy Garland, abandoned furniture, attention to detail, the red carpet, bicycles, swimming holes, love stories, light, the Pacific Coast Highway, pictures of plants, Rudyard Kipling, brass paperclips, nightgowns, scavenger hunts, spring water in glass bottles, vacuuming, tall men who are also funny, upright pianos, routine, Coco Chanel’s life story, PBS, Paris
Dislike: reading instructions, conservative mindsets, sweeping generalizations, trash cans, crowds, fear mongering, wilted lettuce, poor planning, snakes, sitcoms, styrofoam, e-readers, wet bathroom floors, airport delays, Nicholas Cage in Bringing Out the Dead, drug addiction, a desk job, carpet, fear

Claire Cottrell is a filmmaker and design editor living in los angeles, california. she loves, in no particular order, plants, ernest hemingway, krzysztof kieślowski and john pawson’s cookbook.


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