like/dislike: katherine noble



people who are brave/ reading poems out loud/ extremely hot showers/ thick eyebrows/ all black
outfits/ all white rooms/ gorillas/ second dates/ cold pickles/ surprise gifts/ emojis/ mismatched
earrings/ cheeseburgers/ smithsonian folkways/ anne carson / braiding hair/ caramel/ corn on
the cob/ temporary loneliness/ red lipstick/ mennonite and amish culture/ zodiac fire signs/
breakfast buffets/ walking far/ talking to old people/ the dixie chicks discography/ overalls/
cheese plates/ whose line is it anyway reruns/ knolling/ no new emails/ talent shows/ cookie
cakes/ drunk swimming/ the sound of music/ jemima kirke/ baseball caps/ two-stepping/
japanese death poems/ salt and vinegar chips/ spooning/ airbrushed clothing/ sam cooke/
dionysians and apollonians in the birth of tragedy/ twins/ beach boys’ sounds of summer/ bruce
springsteen’s nebraska/ hotel rooms/ butcher paper/ joan baez/ redwood national forest/ self
awareness/ sundays/ very tall men in well tailored suits/ root bear floats/ new car smell/ mythos
of appalachia / flannery o’connor characters/ duende/ randy travis and dolly parton/ curiosity
cabinets/ denim on denim/ female motorcyclists/ christmas carols


magic shows/ passivity/ IKEA/ the star-spangled banner/ close talkers/ people who don’t change
empty toilet paper rolls/ action and heist movies/ the cha cha slide/ scrapbook supplies/ camel
water packs/ astronaut ice cream/ diamonds/ drum circles/ food bloggers/ whispering/ being
whispered to/ the noise of decorative fountains/ themed photobooths at events/ wii/ playing hard
to get/ bonnaroo/ hello kitty/ middle school boys/ figs/ tapioca drinks/ sketchers/ alarms/ bright
yellow/ the woman who lived in someone’s closet for a year in japan/ holding things in my
hands too long/ carbonated water/ people that go barefoot in public to make a statement/ trying
to re-popularize bucket-hats/ Audrey Hepburn/ mall kiosks/ prank wars/ the princess bride/
renaissance fairs/ French manicures/ women with small dogs as accessories/ sequels/ department
stores/ Tosh.0/ large crowds/ store-bought halloween costumes/ sci-fi/ ironically loving Justin
Bieber/ charm bracelets/ red roses/ people slacklining/ office small talk/ sleeping in too late/
engagement and honeymoon albums on facebook/ overhead lights/ things on car antennae/
touching suede/ the alchemist/ tea length dresses/ day planners/ settlers of catan/ premature
nostalgia about the 90s/ men who wear boxers/ mortality


Katherine Noble lives in Austin, Texas. She was the recipient of the Roy Crane Award for Achievement in the Literary Arts for her poetry. She works at the Harry Ransom Center and serves on the staff of Bat City Review.
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