like/dislike: lucile demory

LDlucile north of france beach kitchen view fiddle leaf fig tree

Like : stringy bits of mozzarella, high pressure cleaners, shower after the beach, fiddle leaf fig trees, Christmas, after sun lotion, hard heavy linnen sheets, cuticule oil, odilon redon, the smell of pharmacies, my kitchen view, butter on warm crumpets, vintage candles, the smell of Play-Doh, change of seasons, sand in my hair, the cawing of crows, corn/blueberries/pomegranate or any kind of tiny food, rattan, undercooked dough, North of France beaches, opening wine bottles, and listening to really loud Vivaldi

Dislike : sticky shower curtains, unripe tomatoes, loyalty cards, scents for cars, activia yogurts, jam leaking out of my bread slice, air conditioning, guys carrying a laptop bag, wrought iron, having to wait for guests, babies dressed like adults, when people read over my showlder on the tube, garden gnomes, microwaves, velcro, insomnia, neon lighting



lucile demory lives in Paris and works as a photoshoot producer for A.P.C.  She’s also a weekend ceramicist and blogger.