like/dislike: Michael Ned Holte



I discovered Michael Ned Holte’s work last month after buying his zine “Proper Names” at the incredible LA art book store Ooga Booga. “Proper Names” is basically just…a list of people’s names. Except it’s the best, most hilarious and clever and poignant list of names you’ve ever read. I can’t even explain! Just trust me! Anyway, as a fellow list-lover I figured Holte would be a perfect pick for this synonym feature. Friends, it doesn’t disappoint. 


I like names, lists, Routine Pleasures, Cynar, roasted carrots, R. M. Schindler, second chances, fish sauce, glasses, hands, Danish wood oil, peanut butter cookies, blue, gray, Pierre Menard, willful anachronism, procrastinating, La Jetée, Lee Lozano, making soup, short novels, Rainier cherries, Alice Coltrane, Microsoft Word, socks, Celine and Julie Go Boating, dumb jokes, making people blush, Joe Brainard’s I Remember, rolling my own spring rolls at Le Saigon, 20 Lines a Day, Miles Davis in the 1970s, the “Midwest work ethic,” coffee, walking, Rome, cast iron, Iron Chef, banana cream pie from Apple Pan, bad movies about good artists, Corky’s Debt to His Father, correct punctuation, cover versions, alliteration, farmhouse ales, On Kawara, ceviche, scratchy blankets, Roland Barthes, Japanese mandolins, footnotes.

I dislike chain restaurants, art intended to entertain, coral (the color), bad grammar, Teflon, gin, erratic drivers, sourpusses, artificial sweeteners, low-fat anything, feet, washing my car, Las Vegas, laugh tracks, returning phone calls, excess, Febreeze, “It is what it is,” green peppers, Guy Fieri, sport utility vehicles, being made to blush, people who think they are too good to wait in line, waiting in line, procrastinating, “starchitects,” steampunk, underachievers, overachievers, daytime television, slobs, coupons, pho puns, gated communities, sanctimoniousness, having to touch doorknobs (or, really, anything) in public restrooms after thoroughly washing my hands, burgundy, the way dust clings to silicone products—particularly Oxo brand utensils, Polo shirts, the small print, endings.

Michael Ned Holte is a writer and independent curator living in Los Angeles. He is the author of Proper Names (Golden Spike Press, 2013) acheter viagra allemagne. He teaches at CalArts.