like/dislike: michelle chamlee


knee socks, afternoons, skinny eyebrows, nyc, perfume, the saxophone, leg/arm warmers, tattoos, names that end in ie/y, crockpot roasts, that everything is ombre or dip-dyed, sharing a bed, nail polish, wearing sunglasses, microwaves, fish pose, cars, blown glass art/dale chihuly, brussels sprouts, too many sunny days in a row, drinking games, tulips, smart phones, overly decorated spaces and people, glitter, when someone touches my face—no exceptions, brass, pets, receiving a limp handshake, skyping, malls, sports, melons

green—not even close to ripe—bananas, louis c.k., juicing, organic things, light roast coffee, gentle men, arugula, ki no bi (functional beauty), using a night light, roseanne (the show), wool, pen-pals, lipstick, sensible footwear, moscow mules, beeswax candles, french onion soup, wabi-sabi, roasting chickens, the cello, small bedrooms, intelligent consumption, hiking boots, weeping willows, slow, long necks, bloody marys, stretching, being alone, air-dried hair, high craft, spanish guitar, autumn air, good posture, snow, fur

Michelle Chamlee is a creator/thinker living in the midwest where she was born and raised. She is passionate about living sensibly in a beautiful yet peculiar manner.


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