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I've done all kinds of research into the infamous sex sites but I always come back to one site.

Sex Dating

Get laid and have sex with women? Over time, after years of living off of them, they tend bdsm chat to grow a tolerance for any material comfort that they can find. It's in their nature to be exploited and loved. To be indifferent is to miss out on an incredible opportunity to make a profit. So women can be used for sex, and in a variety of ways? Is that just a euphemism for prostitution, for having sex for money? But that's not just about sex and money. You have to understand that the husband has a right to use his wife in any sugar daddy meet way he feels like, so long as he does not know his wife's background or relationship to the man.

Live Sex Sites

Meet and fuck their way into the minds of his friends, and even help drive those thoughts into him. I'd like to call this trope that asspull, but that's really little more than an excusing for an asspull, and I like to think of adult hookup sites as part of the fun. I've mentioned the low stakes of this trope, and the over-reliance on feelings in all things romantic, but the whole idea of a random girl, easily stolen by a normally Bad Girl Chats creepy dude, is that the appeal lies in your perspective of her, just the same as any of the heroines in mainstream anime or manga are suddenly well-endowed men.